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Sushi club goes British

28 Nov

Back from the monthly sushi club meet and tonight saw us head to Barbican, to The Jugged Hare, a gastropub specialising in British cuisine. There was a lot of meat on the menu – mutton, rabbit, venison, Pig’s head (!) – so perhaps not one for vegetarians. We all ended up trying something new: B had duck, C had quail and I tried kidneys and the portions were just right, and tasty. I probably won’t have kidneys again – not my cup of tea – but the sides (fondant potatoes and Guinness battered black pudding bites) were scrummy.


WI elections

19 Nov

So, the Putney WI is well and truly established. We’ve been up and running for eight months now and have a good 30-strong following. But November is the traditional time for annual elections and, even though we’ve not been running a full year yet, it’s time for members to vote in a new President and committee. Having set up the group, I was obviously keen to be re-elected – and I’m pleased to say I was! Many of the original committee members were also re-elected in, as well as some of our new faces, so I’m really excited about the future of the Putney WI. I’m confident it’s going to continue to grow from strength to strength!

Hollywood Costume at the V&A

17 Nov

Hollywood Costume

I met up with the wonderful M, a friend of mine from Chelmsford and owner of Wicked Waxing, last night for a spot of dinner and a look around the V&A’s current Hollywood Costume exhibition. As with all V&A exhibitions, it was so well done. It brought together over 100 of the most iconic movie costumes from the past 100 years – think the likes of Indiana Jones, Jack Sparrow, Holly Golightly, Batman and Harry Potter. But, not only did it have the costumes on display, it also gave you an insight into how each outfit had been designed – for example, Indiana’s hat has a shallower brow to allow camera lighting to reach Harrison Ford’s face – so you came away feeling you’d really learnt something about the film-making process. It also looked at fashion as a costume and how what we wear is a direct portrayal of our emotions or an image we want to portray. M and I then grabbed a quick burger before she dashed back to Essex. It was so lovely to see her – I miss Chemsford!

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