Let there be light!

7 Apr

How wonderful a weekend it’s been! Not only has there been glorious sunshine – and warmth – but I’ve also been back home in Somerset to see family, friends and learn a new skill. Yesterday, I attended a three-hour lampshade making course with Louise of Lolly & Boo. It was held at the beautiful Reading Rooms in Stratford-sub-Castle – here’s the view from the carpark:


Having never made a lampshade before, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Louise advised each member of the group (there were eight of us in total) to bring half a metre of fabric and, when we arrived, we were able to choose our size of shade – 15cm, 25cm or 30cm. I’d come with a cotton material with a large floral print so opted to make a 30cm standing lampshade – for where, I’m not yet sure!


It turned out that the whole process was surprisingly straightforward – you line your fabric with PVC to give it tension, then use sticky-back tape to secure it to the wire rings. Rolling the fabric around the rings was tricky – could have done with a third hand – but I think the end result turned out pretty good. Not bad for a first attempt.


Louise was so friendly and encouraging, and made the entire experience fun and easy to follow. Now I’ve mastered the basic technique, I’ll definitely be giving it another go.



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